“Ambivalence” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Ambivalence
Meaning mixed feelings or emotions
Example 1 Even though the new job meant more money, Tad felt a great deal of ambivalence about accepting the position.
Example 2 Although Janice loved Henry, her ambivalence towards marriage made her turn down his proposal.
Example 3 Because he was not ready to be tied down, Mark felt a great deal of ambivalence about caring for his sick mother on a full-time basis.
Example 4 While many people love technology, there are just as many who show ambivalence towards it.
Example 5 My ambivalence towards Helen is preventing me from inviting her to my wedding.
Example 6 As I answered the final question on the test, my ambivalence had me torn between two answers.
Example 7 The judge’s ambivalence about the defendant’s guilt caused a delay in the penalty portion of the trial.
Example 8 Even though I am a great swimmer, I have a great deal of ambivalence about swimming because my uncle drowned.
Example 9 James’ feelings of ambivalence were caused by the fact he was in love with both his wife and his mistress.
Example 10 Sarah’s ambivalence about the best birthday present for her mother led her to spend four hours at the mall.

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