“Animism” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Animism
Meaning a belief that natural objects have spirits
Example 1 The philosopher argued that he does not support animism because of how rocks seem to clearly lack any kind of vitality.
Example 2 Bob claims that animism is a theory of tradition, because scientifically there is no way to prove if a plant or mineral has a soul.
Example 3 Although Garry doesn’t subscribe to the doctrine of animism, he admits that he’s been overwhelmed by a feeling that the stars are vested with a degree of spirituality by God.
Example 4 Daniel believes in animism because he says that everything must contain some sort of divinity which stems from the endless energy of the infinite being.
Example 5 Kelly is unsure if the feelings that stir within her when viewing mountains are due to the doctrine of animism, or merely the emotions of her poetic soul.
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