Asking Something Specific questions in English

What’s that?
It’s a dog!
What time is it?
It’s one o’clock.
Can / May I open the window?
Certainly. It’s very hot in the office today!
Is there a bakery / market / bank / etc. near here?
Yes. There is a bakery take the next corner and it’s next to the bank.
Where is the nearest bakery / market / bank / etc.?
The nearest bank is on Mayfield street.
Who wrote / invented / painted / etc. the …?
Hemingway wrote “The Sun Also Rises”.
Is there any water / sugar / rice / etc.?
Yes, there’s a lot of water left.
Are there any apples / sandwiches / books / etc.?
No, there aren’t any books left.
Is this your / his / her / etc. book / ball / house / etc.?
No, I think it’s his ball.
Whose is this / that?
It’s Jack’s.

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