“Cop-out” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Cop-out
Meaning an instance of avoiding commitment or responsibility, generally with an excuse
Example 1 Even though taking out the trash is supposed to be my little brother’s job, he managed to cop-out of it by pretending that the dog needed to be walked.
Example 2 Someone who constantly backs out on the promises that they have made it a cop-out, and it’s generally not a good idea to have much faith in them.
Example 3 During the military draft in past American wars, many men would cop-out of their duty by purposeful receiving small but permanent injuries, voiding them for military service.
Example 4 The legendary ‘the dog ate my homework’ is considered one of the biggest cop-outs in history, though I imagine that it may have been true the very first time it was used.
Example 5 Many people attempt to cop-out of being responsible for something going wrong by saying that ‘it wasn’t their job’ or ‘I was just a bystander.’
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