“Decry” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Decry
Meaning to denounce as damaging or bad
Example 1 The liberal news media is constantly trying to decry the efforts of the country’s conservative president.
Example 2 After the immigration bill was passed, the racist groups started to decry the features of the act.
Example 3 What kind of person will decry the death of a dog yet laugh at the death of a human?
Example 4 When a child recently died in an abusive foster home, people marched in protest to decry the state’s foster care system.
Example 5 People who prefer physical newspapers decry the high-tech advances that have put many traditional newspaper publishers out of business.
Example 6 In the movie, the minister took every opportunity to decry dancing and loud music and eventually both activities were banned in the town.
Example 7 Several religious organizations have chosen to decry the obscene cartoon about Jesus.
Example 8 On the crime show, the arrogant chef killed the food critic before he could decry his new restaurant.
Example 9 Eve is an animal rights activist who constantly uses the media to decry the cold-heartedness of Kill shelters.
Example 10 As a homosexual, I have a huge issue with anyone who chooses to decry my sexual preference as sinful.

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