“Elucidate” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Elucidate
Meaning to make clear or easy to understand
Example 1 To make life easy for my math students, I go out of my way to elucidate the complex problems before each test.
Example 2 An interpreter will elucidate the instructions for all non-English speaking guests.
Example 3 Since Larry had a stroke, he has been unable to elucidate his thoughts verbally.
Example 4 I hope my review will elucidate the strengths and weaknesses I found in your novel.
Example 5 After I am dead, my diaries will elucidate my life for those left behind by my passing.
Example 6 Michelle asked the contractor to elucidate his complicated plans for rebuilding her deck.
Example 7 Even if you cannot read, the pictures under the words will elucidate the comic’s message.
Example 8 The tutorial is designed to elucidate the basic steps of computer programming to novice programmers.
Example 9 After taking a sign language class, I was able to use my hands to elucidate my thoughts.
Example 10 The lawyer’s job was to elucidate his client’s innocence for the jury.

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