“Exigency” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Exigency
Meaning something that is necessary in a particular situation
Example 1 Rules are an exigency inside of a prison or else chaos will reign.
Example 2 Although my son hates taking his medicine, it is an exigency that must be consumed for his physical wellbeing.
Example 3 Bill’s allergy medication is an exigency he always carries around in case of an attack.
Example 4 Until my attacker is found, I consider having a bodyguard to be an exigency.
Example 5 Keeping money in a savings account is a financial exigency that will serve you well if you ever lose your job.
Example 6 In the case of Frank’s severe illness, a leave of absence from work is an exigency.
Example 7 Juan’s calming influence was the exigency needed to settle down the unhappy workers.
Example 8 Because of a decrease in sales, my company has decided the laying off of workers is an exigency that must be executed in order to keep the business afloat.
Example 9 In the hot summer months, a bottle of water is an exigency if you are planning on running several miles.
Example 10 Since Jane drives alone at night quite often, she views her cell phone as an exigency that makes her feel safe during her journeys.

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