“Extrovert” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Extrovert
Meaning an individual who is sociable and enjoys conversing with others
Example 1 Because Pat is an extrovert who enjoys chatting with others, she is the ideal talk show host.
Example 2 Cory is an extrovert who parties with his friends every weekend.
Example 3 Although you may assume the famous comedian is an extrovert, he is really a very shy man.
Example 4 My Uncle Bill is an extrovert who will talk to anyone about anything.
Example 5 Even though Carol is an extrovert who enjoys hosting parties, she also enjoys having time alone.
Example 6 Joseph avoids social functions because he is not an extrovert.
Example 7 Since Ellen is an extrovert, she has always been able to converse extremely well with her clients.
Example 8 As a car salesman, Sam has been able to put his skills as an extrovert to use.
Example 9 John was such a chatty child everyone knew he would grow up to be an extrovert.
Example 10 While Ella is an extrovert who loves to socialize, her twin Elle is an introvert who prefers the isolation of her bedroom.

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