“Fairness” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Fairness
Meaning the condition of being reasonable, impartial, and just
Example 1 Many students loved their English teacher due to her fairness by treating each student equal to the other students.
Example 2 Based on the fairness of the law, both the plaintiff and the defendant were able to present their case completely because of their access to many available resources.
Example 3 The victim believed in the fairness of the criminal’s sentence when the robber had to pay restitution back to the victim in conjunction with serving jail time.
Example 4 After teaching everything on the assessment in detail, many students felt certain the fairness of the test and the students’ hard work would pay off.
Example 5 When the boss’s son was treated more favorably than the other employees at the company, many workers left since there was no fairness with all of the staff.
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