“Henceforth” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Henceforth
Meaning from now on
Example 1 Once I got a promotion at my job, henceforth I would be paying significantly more income taxes due to moving up in to another tax bracket.
Example 2 “Henceforth, I will not accept any more excuses for missing homework unlike the past few months,” the distraught teacher said to her students, “but instead you will receive a zero on that assignment.”
Example 3 As a New Year’s resolution, Tammy decided that henceforth she will donate ten percent of every paycheck to a deserving charity.
Example 4 “The club dues will henceforth be required to be paid at the beginning of this year with no exceptions,” the president sternly told his members, “because last year our budget was in the red.”
Example 5 After realizing my selfish nature, I knew from henceforth I would be donating a portion of my time each month to volunteering at the homeless shelter.
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