“Mellifluous” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Mellifluous
Meaning having a smooth, flowing sound
Example 1 The actor has a mellifluous voice that could lull anyone into a deep sleep.
Example 2 When the snakes heard the mellifluous sounds coming from the flute, they began to crawl back into the basket.
Example 3 The singer with the mellifluous voice will win the talent contest.
Example 4 At night the stream outside our cabin makes a mellifluous sound that is very peaceful to our ears.
Example 5 As I listened to my favorite poet read his writings, I was captivated by the mellifluous flow of his voice.
Example 6 Without practice, Sarah will never be able to make mellifluous music with her instrument.
Example 7 After the judge gave Marie a standing ovation, he described her voice as mellifluous and enchanting.
Example 8 While Curtis enjoys the mellifluous tone of rap music, John considers that type of music to be nothing more than unpleasant noise.
Example 9 The mellifluous music never fails to put my newborn baby to sleep.
Example 10 As soon as the saxophonist started to play, mellifluous sounds filled the club and couples began to slow dance.

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