“Moratorium” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Moratorium
Meaning the pausing of an ongoing activity
Example 1 An avid fisherman, Billy was upset when he learned of the fishing moratorium.
Example 2 A large number of politicians and voters would like to see a moratorium placed on home foreclosures.
Example 3 Before the moratorium was passed, people were being executed practically every week in Texas.
Example 4 Potential business owners are angry because the county has passed a moratorium on new business licenses.
Example 5 Until the execution process has been investigated to ensure the prisoners do not suffer needlessly, the moratorium on executions will remain in place.
Example 6 The moratorium on hunting licenses will give the deer population time to expand.
Example 7 When the commercial developers learned of a possible building moratorium, they immediately begin to petition the city council.
Example 8 The fishing moratorium will end as soon as the government has completed its radiation testing on the lake.
Example 9 Because of the deadly virus, many people are calling for a moratorium on flights from West Africa.
Example 10 The moratorium against offshore drilling sent the oil companies into an uproar.

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