“Occlude” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Occlude
Meaning to close up or block off
Example 1 The police officers have blocked off the road to occlude the bomb from the public.
Example 2 Although I do not want you inside of my office, I will not occlude your entry by locking the door while I am away.
Example 3 It is quite dangerous when blood clots occlude the flow of oxygen in the human body.
Example 4 Since I do not like people looking inside of my home, I use blinds to occlude my windows.
Example 5 Fortunately, the city construction project will not occlude the main highway and cause traffic delays.
Example 6 The purpose of the curtain on the airplane is to occlude the first class area from the economy area.
Example 7 It looks like the clouds are going to occlude the sun and ruin my picnic!
Example 8 Because my parents did not trust strangers, they did everything they could to occlude me from the outside world.
Example 9 During the surgery, the doctor will do everything possible to not occlude the flow of blood to the patient’s heart.
Example 10 The grocery manager hoped the protest march would not occlude his store entrance and cause his customers to shop elsewhere.

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