“Palladium” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Palladium
Meaning a platinum type metal that is a light silvery color and is flexible enough to be shaped
Example 1 Due to its mobility, the electrical engineer used palladium to form it into the necessary shape so that it could be used as part in the electronic device.
Example 2 “This white gold necklace,” the jeweler pointed out to the engaged couple, “is made with 25 karat gold as well as nickel and palladium.”
Example 3 Since the country dentist was going to use a metallic crown in his patient’s mouth, he made one using very small amounts of palladium to construct the crown.
Example 4 Shining in the sunlight, the cowgirl wore her belt made from palladium which had been formed into a belt buckle.
Example 5 Environmentalists protested against the carbon monoxide pollution from cars, so the car industry began using palladium to convert most of the toxic gases to something less harmful.
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