“Parlance” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Parlance
Meaning a way of speaking that is typical of a certain group or culture
Example 1 When I heard the computer programmers talking about coding, I could not understand a word of their parlance.
Example 2 The legal parlance used by attorneys has its roots in the Latin language.
Example 3 Because the counselor talks to teens every day, she is quite familiar with the parlance young people use to communicate.
Example 4 The author used the parlance of a small country town as a guide for perfecting the dialogue of his Southerner characters.
Example 5 When the doctor testified on the stand, he spoke in a medical parlance that few members of the jury understood.
Example 6 My daughter was quick to tell me that adolescents no longer used the once popular phrase in modern parlance.
Example 7 Although Kim listened to the assistant on the helpline, she could not understand the technical parlance well enough to fix her computer.
Example 8 Low blood sugar is referred to as hypoglycemia in medical parlance.
Example 9 In financial parlance, the professor explained the easiest way for us to complete our profit and loss statements.
Example 10 Since you are not a racing fan, you probably will not understand much of the parlance used by the sportscasters during the race.

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