“Platitude” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Platitude
Meaning something that has been said so often that it is not interesting anymore
Example 1 Because I have heard your platitude a hundred times, it means nothing to me now.
Example 2 The politician ended his speech with a platitude about every man’s right to vote.
Example 3 After hearing the salesman’s unoriginal platitude, I decided to go to another car dealer.
Example 4 At my uncle’s funeral, I heard one platitude after another.
Example 5 Your platitude is meaningless and does nothing for my anger!
Example 6 When asked about the unemployment crisis, the president could only respond with an empty platitude.
Example 7 How many times can the police chief repeat the false platitude about the reduction of crime in our city?
Example 8 Because my teacher felt my essay response was a boring platitude, she gave me a failing score on the paper.
Example 9 Our coach used every platitude she could think of to make us feel better after our big loss.
Example 10 When my teacher tried to motivate me by using a platitude I had already heard before, I yawned in her face.

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