“Postulate” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Postulate
Meaning to suggest something (such as an idea or theory) especially in order to start a discussion
Example 1 In an attempt to create controversy, some experts postulate alternatives to historical beliefs that have been accepted for years.
Example 2 In her speech, the matchmaker will postulate her opinion that appearance is just as important as personality in a developing relationship.
Example 3 Many in our circle postulate that Shelby has some type of emotional disorder because of her unpredictable behavior.
Example 4 During the monthly meeting, the company president will more than likely postulate a salary reduction plan as an alternative to job cuts.
Example 5 At the retreat, a couple of the religious leaders will postulate a proposal to increase church attendance within the community.
Example 6 The best economists in the world are working to postulate an idea that will revive international finances.
Example 7 Despite his lack of formal education, Carl was able to postulate a solution to a problem that had bothered his employers for a while.
Example 8 As the jury foreman, Todd was the first person on the jury to postulate a theory about the defendant’s motives.
Example 9 One of the jobs of a debate moderator is to postulate questions that will bring about a discussion between the two debaters.
Example 10 Because John is quite arrogant, he will often postulate on subjects on which he has very little knowledge.

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