“Proliferate” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Proliferate
Meaning spread rapidly or increase in number
Example 1 With the popularity of the Zumba craze, health clubs that feature this exercise class have begun to proliferate in most cities.
Example 2 After the monsoon rains, insects of all kinds begin to proliferate and you see people constantly swatting and slapping at the air.
Example 3 As cell phones become more and more multi-functional, their use continues to proliferate and you see them and hear them just about everywhere you go.
Example 4 As problems with the business continued to proliferate, Edward decided to chuck it all and go into retirement.
Example 5 The great writer told the nosy reporter that if it weren’t for the booze, the ideas for his stories would cease to proliferate.
Example 6 On cleaning day, Meg gets angry when she sees the way the dust bunnies tend to proliferate if she doesn’t vacuum every single day.
Example 7 Rumors of a breakup began to proliferate when Lynn was spotted about town with a different man.
Example 8 Although arguments about global warming and climate change continue to proliferate, it’s becoming pretty clear that something is going on with the planet’s weather patterns.
Example 9 The U.S. seems to be the top watchdog to ensure that weapons of mass destruction do not proliferate in any nation.
Example 10 Once the weeds began to proliferate, Bella began calling her yard the “wildflower garden.”

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