“Scuffle” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Scuffle
Meaning rough, disorderly fight or struggle at close quarters
Example 1 In order to downplay the actual fight, the siblings told their parents the reasons for the bloody noses and torn clothing was due to a small scuffle they had a few minutes ago.
Example 2 It is expected for the friends to get into a light scuffle over their chores, but no one got hurt.
Example 3 Neighbors often scuffle with words and nonviolent actions over loud music and property boundaries.
Example 4 A scuffle with the police was shown with the man struggling and squirming as the police tried to put the handcuffs on him.
Example 5 Boxing fans were quite angry at the boxing match because it looked like a scuffle with a few hits and slaps rather than the aggressive fight they paid to see.
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