“Sophomoric” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Sophomoric
Meaning juvenile, immature, and lacking good judgment
Example 1 After drinking too much alcohol, the celebrity made sophomoric comments that turned his fans against him.
Example 2 The sophomoric humor in the movie only appeals to teenagers.
Example 3 When Jason and Heather went out on dates, Jason often displayed sophomoric behaviors that really embarrassed Heather in front of her mature friends.
Example 4 Young people should not watch reality shows because the only thing they can learn from this type of entertainment is how to act in a sophomoric manner.
Example 5 Although Steve is normally a responsible young man, he tends to behave in a sophomoric manner when he is with his fun-loving friends.
Example 6 As I grew older, I found myself less amused by the sophomoric Saturday morning cartoons.
Example 7 The professor was shocked when one of his graduate students turned in an essay filled with sophomoric errors.
Example 8 Because the boys played a sophomoric prank that could have turned deadly, they were suspended from school for the rest of the academic year.
Example 9 As one of the few openly gay teenagers in his school, Jed is used to enduring sophomoric comments from bullies.
Example 10 Only people on a third grade reading level can find the sophomoric ramblings of the racist reporter to be appealing.

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