“Stipulation” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Stipulation
Meaning a condition that is attached to an arrangement or deal
Example 1 So that the shoplifting charges would be dismissed, the teenager had to abide by one stipulation which was to refrain from getting in trouble again.
Example 2 Family court required the father to increase his child support payments due to the stipulation that if he started making more money he had to pay more.
Example 3 “You do not have to write the 5-page essay,” the teacher said, “but the stipulation is that you must pass the multiple-choice test on writing.”
Example 4 Since every stipulation was met by both parties, the divorce was finalized this past week by the court.
Example 5 Due to my sister’s history of bad behavior, I invited her to attend my wedding with the stipulation that she is not allowed to yell or scream.
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