“Strident” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Strident
Meaning loud and harsh
Example 1 The old man’s voice was so strident that I gritted my teeth every time he spoke to me.
Example 2 Even through the apartment walls, Jack was able to hear the strident argument between his neighbors.
Example 3 Our relationship will never go far if you continue to talk to me in such a strident tone!
Example 4 Since I had a headache, the bird’s chirping sounded quite strident to me.
Example 5 The elderly politician was a strident man who constantly yelled at his staff members.
Example 6 As the firemen begin to put out the fire, they heard a strident voice screaming for help.
Example 7 Because Jennie has a strident personality, she has few friends.
Example 8 The hungry baby’s cries sounded strident.
Example 9 In a strident voice, the police officer ordered the criminal to drop his weapon.
Example 10 It was obvious from Hank’s strident tone that he was very angry.

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