“Susceptible” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Susceptible
Meaning vulnerable to an influence
Example 1 Since the dog lives outside, he is highly susceptible to parasites that strive in the outdoors.
Example 2 Many young children get the flu vaccine so they will be less susceptible to the virus.
Example 3 Because James smoked for over twenty years, he is extremely susceptible to respiratory illnesses.
Example 4 Dress your children warmly because they are very susceptible to illness after being exposed to cold weather.
Example 5 If our garden is not sprayed with pesticides, it will be susceptible to insects.
Example 6 People who live alone are more susceptible to depression during the holidays.
Example 7 As a schoolteacher, I am very susceptible to illnesses carried by small children.
Example 8 Because Lindsay is insecure, she is highly susceptible to peer pressure.
Example 9 After drinking six glasses of wine, Caroline became susceptible to the advances of a very flirtatious man.
Example 10 Individuals who do not receive adequate nutrition are extremely susceptible to diseases.

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