“Tatterdemalion” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Tatterdemalion
Meaning someone dressed in ragged or torn clothing
Example 1 With the dirty and torn clothes he was wearing, the homeless man was a tatterdemalion compared to his nicer dressed counterparts.
Example 2 Wearing a torn shirt makes you a tatterdemalion, even if it is the only torn article of clothing you are wearing.
Example 3 A kid who only wears ragged clothing to school because he is lazy is a tatterdemalion, especially if he has nicer clothes to wear.
Example 4 My friend likes to wear torn jeans almost every day, making him a tatterdemalion.
Example 5 If you like to wear clothes that are torn or ragged as part of your style, you can consider yourself a tatterdermalion.
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