“Tool” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Tool
Meaning a device or implement that is used to accomplish a task or function more easily
Example 1 While there are many ways you can put a nail into a piece of wood, it is far easier to do it with an appropriate tool like a hammer.
Example 2 It would be extremely difficult to break concrete without a tool like a sledgehammer or a jackhammer.
Example 3 A wrench is a tool that humans made just to make it easier to turn nuts and bolts, since it is so difficult to do that with just our hands.
Example 4 While our fists were capable of inflicting pain and even death on our enemies, humans invented the sword as a tool for making it significantly easier.
Example 5 A firearm is nothing more than a tool that we humans created so that we could wage war and kill more effectively.
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