“Trim” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Trim
Meaning to make something neater by cutting away excess or irregular parts
Example 1 Rather than mow the lawn, I decided that I would trim unseemly bushes in my neighbor’s yard for a little extra cash.
Example 2 I went to get a haircut today, but really all I did was have the barber trim a bit of hair off the top of my head, since it was a little too long up there.
Example 3 The paper snowflake I was making for Christmas was a little rough around the edges, so I used a pair of scissors to trim the outline and make it smoother.
Example 4 My mom always passed on clothes from one kid to another, but when it became obvious that I was a bit too small for my older brother’s shirt, she decided to trim the sleeves to make it fit me.
Example 5 My dog has unruly long hair, and we have to trim it every week or so to keep him both clean and presentable.
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