“Vituperative” Meaning and Usage Examples in Sentence

Word Vituperative
Meaning abusive and harsh
Example 1 We cannot be friends if you continue to attack me with vituperative words.
Example 2 After dealing with the vituperative criticism of her peers for several years, Ellen finally decided to quit her job and work from home.
Example 3 Some people really seem to enjoy hurting others by writing vituperative comments on the Internet.
Example 4 Even though Phil claimed he was not vituperative towards his children, the police department found evidence he was mistreating his kids.
Example 5 The student was given detention for using vituperative language in class.
Example 6 When Helen spoke to her son, she spoke to him in a vituperative manner that made him cry.
Example 7 The critic gave the play such a vituperative review that tickets sales came to a grinding halt.
Example 8 During our divorce hearing, my husband made lots of vituperative statements about me.
Example 9 The actor became angry when he read the reviewer’s vituperative critique of his latest film.
Example 10 Without a doubt, Brad should apologize for speaking to his mother in such a vituperative tone.

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